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    The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn

        When Brad Pitt tells Eric Bana in the 2004 film Troy that “there are no pacts between lions and men,” he is not reciting a clever line from the pen of a Hollywood screenwriter. He is speaking Achilles’ words in English as Homer wrote them in Greek more than 2,000 years ago in [...]

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    Why Sales Is the Thing Most Entrepreneurs Get Wrong

      Harvard Business Review recently ran a story focusing on what entrepreneurs get wrong. In our view, we like to focus on how we can help entrepreneurs get stuff right — especially in the critical growth stage of their companies.   One key point that proves perilous for other entrepreneurs, as noted in the HBR [...]

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    7 Tips for Presenting Winning Proposals to Clients

        Presenting proposals to clients is the culmination of a long sales process. So obviously its importance cannot be overstated.   In this article, we’ll look at seven ways to improve your presentation (and pitch) and increase the odds that you’ll walk away with a new customer.   1. Get to the point   [...]

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    The mysterious mind of a Sales Manager

    Motivational Motto Matrices, Strong Hand Shake Hubs, Power Point Presentations…what’s going on a Sales Manager Mind?    source: Search for: Recent Posts Serial entrepreneurs: how to pursue multiple opportunities September 23, 2014 The Myth of the Light Bulb Idea September 18, 2014 The AHA moments of entrepreneurs (and others) September 15, 2014 10 Things every [...]