Join Our Internship Programme

Our interns are a part of DB – involved in making changes in organisations. Interns come from all backgrounds, all bringing their own talents to drive the company.


Why choose DB for an internship?
DB is a strong believer in internships, most of our associates were interns themselves. Our internship programme has been running for 10 years, attracting people from all over the world, of all ages and academic backgrounds.

We can apply our experience from a diverse range of projects handled across various sectors and industries. We make it a point to expose interns to a multitude of different projects. As intern, you are going to be part of the projects.


Why Malta is the perfect location
An Internship in Malta is perfect for everybody! Malta is a beautiful small island located in the Mediterranean Sea. English, a joint language with Maltese, is universally spoken and written and is the languages of education and business in Malta. This makes Malta the ideal location for an internship.
Malta is a very accessible place. One will get to know other people easily and there are many activities to do for after work and in the weekends.


What we are looking for
At DB, our interns work on projects that matter. You will get the opportunity to work on real projects and have fun along the way together with our team and other interns. This is your chance to show off your skills within one of our departments.

We are looking for interns who are able to join our ride, through the good and bad times. We expect you to know that every client and every project is unique. We need somebody who is able to work accurately on the different projects.


What you will gain from an internship with us
We are aware of the fact that every intern has another academic background. Because of this, we ensure you that there is work to do that suits your education. But we also believe that you are working at DB to learn something. You are here to gain experience and we are creating this opportunity for you. You are going to do assignments you never did before. As we say, nothing is better than trying.


The types of work interns do
As described above, as intern you will work on different interesting and meaningful projects. Types of work interns did before you are: market researches, a potential client research, creating posts and content for digital marketing networks, adjusting websites, etc.


How to apply
If you think this is a unique opportunity for you, apply here.